FAQ: LiONColer X50/X40/X30/X15A

  1. The screen displays the error code. • Display F1 code: Low power protection: setting the protection from H to M or L • Display F2 code: Fan overload protection: turn off unit and restart the unit after 30 minutes • Display F3 code: The compressor protection is activated: please turn off the unit and restart the unit after 30 minutes. • Display F5 code: Compressor controller module protection is activated: please turn off the unit, keep it in a well-ventilated location and restart the unit after 30 minutes. • Display F7/F8 code: Temperature sensor error: please move the unit in regular temperature area for a while, then restart the unit.
  2. Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. If you would like to change to degrees Fahrenheit (℉), turn off the fridge, then press and hold the SET button over 3 seconds. E1 should be displayed on screen and begin flashing; continue to press the SET button until E5 shows up, then press + or -, select desired units: ℉ or ℃.
  3. Mobile phone Bluetooth APP. Android:"Solar Freezer" ; IOS:"Portable Freezer"
  4. Can the photovoltaic panel directly power the refrigerator without using batteries? No, because the power output of the photovoltaic panel is unstable, the compressor cannot be activated. If it is powered by an adapter, it can work without a battery. If you must use photovoltaic panels for power supply, please install batteries so that he will work normally.
  5. Can the adapter and solar panel be used to charge the refrigerator at the same time? No, it will cause destructive damage to electronic components. Please use only one of them to avoid potential safety hazards.
  6. How much power can the solar panel use? Can I use other high-power photovoltaic panels to charge the refrigerator? The maximum power of the refrigerator charging control board is 120W, 10A. Photovoltaic panels exceeding this power will damage the charging control panel of the refrigerator.
  7. Specifications of three accessories. DC power cord 11.3ft(3.45m)16AWG ; Solar charge cable 20ft(6m)18AWG ; AC adaptor 6.9ft(2.1m).
  8. Can I use a portable power bank to charge the refrigerator? Yes, if it is AC, please use AC adapter.
  9. Can the solar panel be used to charge the battery separately? Yes, but it is not recommended to charge this way often, because the output power of the solar panel is unstable and there is no charge control system. Frequently doing so will damage the battery. You can use the adapter that matches the battery charge (https://www.acopower.com/collections/accessories/products/hy-x200-charger), or install the battery on the refrigerator, the refrigerator is equipped with a PMW charging control system, so The solar panel charges the battery through the refrigerator's charge control system.
  10. Why is the refrigeration efficiency of the refrigerator slow? The refrigeration efficiency of the refrigerator will not slow down, and everything is normal during the factory test. I. It may be caused by putting too many things, it is recommended not to put too many things at once, wait for the temperature to cool down, and then place it gradually. Ⅱ. It may be that the external environment temperature is too high. It is recommended to put it in a ventilated place to avoid high temperature.
  11. Refrigerator battery specifications, and will it be dangerous during transportation or use? The basic information of the battery is as follows: Battery pack model: Li-ion18650 Typical: 173.16Wh (11.1V / 15.6Ah) The structure of our battery is rigorous. The connection between the battery and the refrigerator is compact, with buckles, no shaking, strong stability and no collision during normal use. You can imagine it as a portable power bank charging treasure, it has no danger of using it. We have an MSDS certificate of compliance for battery testing.
  12. What is the power attenuation of the battery after a period of use? After 800-1000 cycles of charge and discharge, the battery charge can be kept at about 80%.
  13. Does the ambient temperature affect the battery? It will affect, the normal use temperature is 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, the storage temperature is -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, in addition to this temperature value, the battery is protected.
  14. Can the refrigerator sit on it and rest? How much pressure can you bear? Yes, but it is recommended not to weigh more than 100kg on it.
  15. What is the waterproof rating? IP24 level, can temporarily prevent the damage caused by water splash, and it is forbidden to splash and soak with liquid.
  16. What are the internal materials made of? High impact polystyrene (HIPS), with many characteristics: odorless, hard material, good dimensional stability after forming, excellent high dielectric insulation, low water absorption material, good gloss, easy to paint.
  17. What are the external materials made of? High-density polyethylene (HDPE), good wear resistance, electrical insulation, toughness and cold resistance, acid, alkali and various salts corrosion.

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