FAQ:Foldable Solar Panel Kit Suitcase / Briefcase

1.The ProteusX 20A Waterproof LCD Controller display error b03.

This b03 situation occurs because the controller first recognizes the solar panel without identifying the battery, and then an error occurs.

Please disconnect the photovoltaic panel first, be sure to connect the battery first, the controller will automatically turn on, and then connect the photovoltaic panel to avoid errors.

2. If I have an ACOPOWER 100W portable solar panel, plus a 20A charge controller, can I add an identical ACOPOWER portable solar panel?

Yes, a pair of Y connectors is required in parallel.

Y-type connector purchase link


3. How many battery types does the ProteusX 20A Waterproof LCD Controller support for charging?

Provides eight ( 8 ) battery types for selections: Lead crystal, Lithium-ion, LiFePO4, LTO, Gel, AGM,WET (conventional lead acid), and Calcium battery.

4.How to switch the battery charging type of the ProteusX 20A Waterproof LCD Controller?

Press BATTERY TYPE button and hold for 3 seconds to go into your battery type selection mode, the battery type you select will be shown on the LCD meter, the default setting is AGM Battery; the controller will automatically memorize your battery type setting.

5. Use the ProteusX 20A Waterproof LCD Controller to charge the 12V battery, then disconnect the battery, replace a 24V battery to charge, the controller has not switched to 24V?

To disconnect all connections, first disconnect the controller from the battery and photovoltaic panel, and then use a 24V battery to connect to the controller. At this time, the controller will start, then connect the photovoltaic panel, and the controller will charge the 24V system.

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