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Here is a quick guide on getting started as an affiliate:

Create an affiliate account

After you create your affiliate account, you will have to check your email inbox for the account verification email.


After you signup for the affiliate program, your **account will undergo verification**. It can take up to 24-48 for the account to get verified. You should update your profile in the meantime.

Log into your affiliate account

The window that opens up when you log into your affiliate account is called the affiliate dashboard. The dashboard acts as a control panel for your account.


Update your profile

  • To update your profile go to the Settings tab. Here in the Profile section, you can fill in your details such as your website, Facebook account, Instagram account, Twitter handle or YouTube channel.
  • Also, set up your payment mode in the Payment Settings section.

After filling in the necessary details. You can get started with promotions.


Checkout your referral details:

Here in the Home tab,

  • You can view your referral URL, that you will be sharing in your promotions. You will also see the coupon code if it has been assigned to you by the merchant.
  • The commission structure will provide you with the details about the commissions that the merchant has set up for referrals.
  • In summary, you can view the number of referrals, orders, the conversion percentage, sales value and your earnings for referrals.
  • The details table displays information such as the date of the order (placed using your referral), order, order amount and the commission earned on the order.


Generate affiliate links for products & use media assets

  • In the marketing tools section, you can generate affiliate links for the products you want to promote, you can do this by pasting the product URL link from the store in the given field. A link will be generated next to it that you can then use in your promotions.
  • Here you can also check out the media assets that have been provided by the merchants and use them accordingly in your promotions.


Payment summary

In the payments section, you can view your payment summary, which will show the amount paid to you for your referrals, the pending amount that has to be paid and the last payment that was done.

There is also a details section which will show other payment information.


Start Promotions

Finally, after setting up and getting familiar with your affiliate account, you can start promotions by using the referral link or the coupon code assigned to you.

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